About Us

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We are Seth & Niki Jones living in Elko, Nevada on the Elko Indian Colony.
We started Arrow Street Designs together in 2021.
Seth has been making beautiful jewelry for over 15 years. He is known for his love of Nevada stones & Sterling Silver. He has been a Rockhound his whole life and uses many of the stones he finds in his diverse forms of art. Seth is Western Shoshone and has learned from his Native American heritage, how to make
flint-knapped knives, cradleboards & various pieces of jewelry.
Niki has always loved the arts, especially written words. Seth taught her how to stamp words & nature onto metal & she found her new artistic home. She has expanded into making pieces out of leather, beads & mixes of different metals; even at times, using her own poetry on some of their designs.
Together, they create one of a kind pieces using their artist eye for colors & design. They like to incorporate Seth's Native culture into their works, either with Shoshone words & phrases; but also using techniques & materials like Tosawihi Opalite (White Knife) in their collections.
We love to make special keepsakes! If you have a stone or piece of jewelry you feel like you want to make something new with, contact us!
We feel honored when we get to make a heirloom or special occasion piece for someone. 
Jewelry is not a need, but it is something that can be priceless in its meaning to the wearer or giver; and we love to be apart of that story.
Seth's Stone work has been featured in Indian Country Today and his basketry work was in Native Peoples Art magazine.